Tuesday, December 4, 2007

A diaper bag to dream for

Now here's something for my kids, I'm a Grandpa remember? Well, I remember the hassles we went through before the days of dedicated diaper bags. This one from Boogaloo (I told you in my last posting that I found some neat stuff on their site) is called the "Change 'n Go" is something I would have wished for way back when. Actually it is a backpack that opens out to be a self-contained changing station. There's lots of storage for diapers and creams etc., as well there are two insulated baby bottle holders. Neat. The change mat can be used in place or removed to use on a table or wherever. I think I'd leave it where it is then the baby couldn't roll off. I think they said this retails at about $45. Not bad for the convenience. On their web site there are different fabric finishes too. Maybe I'll get my expecting daughter one. It'll make my life easier when we get left "holding the baby'' as grandparents do from time to time. There's room for a day's worth of diapers in there.

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