Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Great bath toy

I bet that you remember long ago bath times playing with a couple of cups, or if you were really lucky a rubber duck as well. You played until the water got cold or until you Mom decided to stop enjoying a short break and she came to wash your hair. There was little interaction then and bath time was only fun for a while. I thought that there was little progress since the rubber duck and plastic boat until recently when I came across the Octobuddy. Actually a friend's daughter (picture) introduced me to the Octobuddy. Now this is really fun. It actually comes from an Israeli company and is now being sold in the USA. The company is called Boogaloo. I was so enchanted with this toy and  thinking of my four year old grandson and his future (in-about-six-months new sibling) that I checked out some other cool things from the Boogaloo website. Anyway, more about this toy. I know an octopus has eight legs and this has only four but what does that matter to a toddler having fun in the bath? The bandana hat acts as a scoop with which to pour water into the toy's head. As the water flows through different things happen in each of the legs. It's really fun and to my mind teaches such things as action and reaction, cause and effect. In the same family of bath toys is a sea horse that works much in the same way. 

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